Hey Guys Wapwing have brought a list of new released games that you must download on your IOS Devices this August 2015. The Devices we use...

Top 5 Must Have Games for IOS-August 2015

Hey Guys Wapwing have brought a list of new released games that you must download on your IOS Devices this August 2015.
The Devices we use are becoming more and more powerful day by day. But Honestly do we use all the Power that our Smartphone or Tablet Have..? Probably not.Although we have Ten's of Thousands of Apps & Games Available for downloading.There's always confusion that which game or app we should download on our device.So No worry friend's iam Here to Solve the confusion.Following is the list of top 5 Games that IOS users must download this August.

1. Jurassic World- The Game.


If you love games that are based on film's then you must have Jurassic world on your Iphone or Ipad.The Game is Solely based on the 2015 Blockbuster Film Jurrasic World and its character's.

In the Game you play as the Manager of Jurrasic World, which includes Maintainence of the Dinosaurs,Evolving & Breeding.The Story of the Game is Based on the film hence all the Dinosaurs in the film are available in the game also.And the best part of the game is that you can download it free from the Appstore.

2. Downhill Riders.


The Next must download is an addictive game named Downhill Riders.In this game you just have to ride all the way down from a never ending hill.The Hill has a two lane road in which you can swipe left or right to avoid obstacles.The controls are pretty easy and there are tons of unlockable item which'll remind you of  Subway Surfers.This game is targeted to all ages. so beaware you can get addicted to it.

3. Warhammer 40,000-Carnage.

Price-RS. 300

The Next game is for Strategy lovers. Which is the IOS version of famous game War Hammer already available for Android users.The Controls are pretty tough but the graphics are really awesome.If you are bored with the repeatative story line games out there,then this game is for you.

In this game you have to play a hard challenge to complete each mission and move to the next one which sometimes could be real tough.The game will also remind you of Chess.But wait yo u have to pay 300 rs. to play this game.so be ready for War Hammer.

4. Age of Empires-Castle Siege.

Price- Free

You must have heard the name of Age of Empires,the good'ol strategy game which many of us have played on our PC.Now the new version of the game has come to the App Store,which is a must download for Ipad users.

The controls are same as the old versions of the game but the Graphics are pretty much different.The Story is based on Civilization and Empires in which you have to build your Empire and try to Crush others to be the only civilization to survive.This Game is free on the IOS App Store.

5. Ice Age Adventures.


Ice Age Adventures is an Fun Game to Play on your Smartphones.The Game includes all the characters from the Film.It's a combination of stratergy games and games like Temple Run or Subway Surfers.You Should Give it a try as it's available free on itunes.
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